This is where we share news and explore topics that magnify the Boss Sounds culture. It’s a way to connect the dots within our community and express what inspires and motivates us — most of all music, the original fire-starter.

February 27, 2020

Rihanna Rules - Billboard

Rihanna As Muse

Absolutely everything about this image jumped out at us as appealing. It appeared in Billboard magazine’s 2018 GRAMMY preview, when Rihanna’s album Anti was riding high. And what an undeniable album it is, coming from an artist who can entertain and get a song across like nobody’s business. Here she sits atop the mainstream Top 40 airplay list dominating its 25-year chart history. We simply had to tear the page out (yay for print!), and file it away in a folder labeled ‘things we like’.

Then after reading a fantastic Interbrand article titled ‘Design as a force of integration‘, we understood how powerful design can be in unifying a brand’s experience. So we went back to that folder and re-discovered a fresh schematic. We certainly derived inspiration from this image in its entirety — the look, feel, color palette, wardrobe, style, players, and just the overall vibe. All of it informed our imagination. And what got us amped most of all is the musician front and center, along with her music. In short, Rihanna rules.

January 31, 2020

Boss subway map

‘Going All City’

The NYC subway not only moves millions of people everyday, it moves culture, and it even creates a culture of its own. It unites us in ways we wouldn’t find anywhere else. It’s where we see people from all walks of life and discover bold fashion statements, popular trends, and individual style. It’s got its own blend of entertainers and musicians that play all kinds of music. It offers its challenges but the subway also offers us the opportunity to help a perfect stranger, or have a chance encounter that might last a lifetime if only in memory. And of course it’s the perfect place to keep pace with the ever-present advertising that surrounds us!

That’s why we chose it as a touchstone to communicate what Boss Sounds is about. It means navigating a universal, underground network that’s built to last, pumping the lifeblood throughout the hearts of every neighborhood in the city, and getting you from point A to point B faster, better, cheaper, safer.

We hope you dig the fresh Boss Sounds look…we’re ‘Going All City’.

January 2, 2020

Supreme x Marvin Gaye collab

What’s Going On

As we head into the new year and a brand new decade, here’s to always reaching for the stars and finding inspiration to hit the right note on each collaboration…

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous, fun, and wonderful 2020. Happy New Year!