The NYC subway not only moves culture, it unites us all in ways we wouldn’t find anywhere else, creating a culture of its own—through the amazing fashion we discover every day, to the musicians playing every kind of music underground, to the people-watching and bizarre meetings that might last us a lifetime if only in memory.

That’s why we chose it as a touchstone to express what Boss Sounds is about: a universal, underground network that pumps the lifeblood throughout the hearts of every neighborhood and gets you from A to B better, cheaper, faster, safer.

This is where we share our experiences that center around music, the original fire-starter.

We hope you dig the fresh Boss Sounds website…we’re ‘Going All City’.

Boss subway map

January 2, 2020

Supreme x Marvin Gaye collab

What’s Going On

As we head into the new year and a brand new decade, here’s to always reaching for the stars and finding inspiration to hit the right note on each collaboration…

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous, fun, and wonderful 2020. Happy New Year!