A visit with an American jazz legend—who just happens to drive an Audi

The Media

Once a print-only owner’s manual, Audi magazine has morphed into a print-and-digital prestige property used to build brand awareness beyond the luxury automotive space, loaded with the caliber of story intended to make the brand synonymous with the content that it endorses.

The Music

Audi saw a perfect opportunity in Ron Carter, the legendary jazz bassist who’s recorded over 2500 albums with giants like Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, and A Tribe Called Quest, and we had the relationships to structure this organic partnership in the form of a multimedia artist profile.

The Message

Aimed at Audi’s top two markets, a German and American crew produced the branded content for use in print/digital and a mini doc called Finding the Right Notes—tying back to the products and inspirations of Audi while corresponding beautifully with the quality that has come to embody the brand.


Ron Carter